Pharma giant Shilpa Medicare unveils Green T Film

Natural green tea extracts helps in boosting immunity

Shilpa Medicare
Pharmaceutical giant Shilpa Medicare enters in OTC segment; unveils Green T Film

Established in 1989 Karnataka based Shilpa Medicare, known as one of the world-leading manufacturers in oncology and non-oncology intermediates, API’s and formulations, today made their debut in the Green Tea segment by launching Ready to Drink Green Tea Films. The Shilpa’s Green T Film contains natural green tea extracts. It boosts 50 to 60% of ECGC ((Epigallocatechin gallate), which, according to the company, contributes to higher antioxidants, immunity booster, weight reduction, and anticancer properties.

It has been found that the commercial green tea bags do not dissolve in hot water, leaving residual matter as waste beside the tea bags releasing millions of microscopic plastic particles into your drink. The newly launched Shilpa’s Green T Films completely dissolve in water with no loss of nutrients, aroma, essential oils, flavor, and offer accurate dose as per the label claims whereby providing the benefits of green tea, the company said.

Green Tea film gets quickly dissolved in hot water

Shilpa’s ready to drink Green T Films are Shilpa Medicare’s most recent entry in the OTC category to give the fitness and health enthusiast a new experience in the green tea consumption. According to the company, the USP of green tea is that the film gets dissolved in water in one go. Moreover, Shilpa’s Green T Film is a patented product and an immunity booster as well.

Speaking on occasion, Vishnukant Chaturbhuj Bhutada, managing director, Shilpa Medicare, said, “We are talking about green tea, or more specifically epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a polyphenol component of green tea that research suggests might be substantially more powerful than HCQ and zinc at protecting against viral infections. Therefore, our Shilpa’s Green T films have 60% of EGCG and 98% polyphenol content.”

“One clinical study conducted by Anna et al 2012 confirmed that 250-400mg of ECGC is beneficial in weight reduction and beneficial effects on LDL cholesterol concentrations and glucose-related markers. In the unprecedented times of COVID-19, we have to be extra vigilant about our health especially if we have NCDs like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular issues among others. If we consume Shilpa’s Green T twice a day then it will not only help to boost your immunity but also will help in weight reduction,” he added.

Sundeip Bhatia, Business Head India, Shilpa Medicare, said that they wanted to present the unique and differentiated experience to their consumers. “The usage of Shilpa’s Green T Film is very simple, one just needs to peel the packet and take out the Film and put it into the hot water cup of around 120ml, wait for 1-2 minutes. Stir it well with a spoon or any suitable stirring aid before consumption.”

“There is no residual matter in the cup. In a way, we will also be contributing to lessen the carbon footprint from the globe and making the earth a better place to live in. Currently, we only have one variant – ginger and lemon and we will be bringing other flavors as well in near future,” he added.

The product will be available in all the major omnichannel platforms and the retail chains.


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