Sato’s CT4-LX-HC compact desktop printer addresses healthcare identification needs

Smart connectivity ID solution for hospitals & healthcare supply chain

CT4-LX-HC compact desktop printer addresses healthcare identification needs throughout the supply chain and at the point of care.

Sato, auto-ID, and labeling solutions developer has launched the CT4-LX-HC compact desktop printer to address healthcare identification needs throughout the supply chain and at the point of care.

Founded in 1940, SATO has been at the forefront of the auto-ID industry since the hand labeler’s invention in 1962. Other key auto-ID milestones include the world’s first thermal transfer barcode printer in 1981 and the development of an RFID printer in 2003. Through the years, SATO has grown into a global leader in the auto-ID industry with a physical presence in 26 countries and businesses in over 90. In the Asia Pacific, the company has established offices in 12 countries – Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Health care professionals are placed under incredibly stressful conditions in normal times, but the Covid-19 pandemic has stretched these essential workers to their limits. With the introduction of the CT4-LX-HC, Sato steps in to provide a helping hand for those that have no time to deal with troublesome and complicated printer settings.

Sato’s smart connectivity solution incorporates feedback from operators on the industry’s front lines to reduce the headaches related to firmware updates, making settings and managing label designs for more streamlined printing of prescription labels, specimen labels, and patient wristbands. It also is enabled with Sato’s powerful AEP on-board intelligence that transforms the printer into a hub for pairing with peripheral devices such as thermometers, weight scales, and more for customized integrations.

With Covid-19, there is an increasing need to strengthen safety measures and ensure proper hygiene practices in daily operations to protect the well-being of everyone involved, whether they be staff, customers, or patients. The CT4-LX-HC features an antimicrobial casing that is disinfectant wipe ready to ensure hygiene when multiple users need to use its 4.3-inch touch screen display in the same workplace.

“The CT4-LX-HC delivers peace of mind across the health care sector, from supply chain management perspectives of manufacturing and logistics all the way to the point of care,” said Noriyasu Yamada, Sato Holdings chief alliance officer and head of R&D. “I believe smart connectivity and creative integrations from Sato using the CT4-LX-HC will support front line essential workers and boost patient safety.”

Sato will launch the CT4-LX-HC in selected markets in Asia and North America.


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