Nemera wins at CphI Festival of Pharma

Safe 'n' Spray rewarded under 'excellence in pharma – drug delivery devices' category

Nemera's safe 'n' spray

Nemera‘s concept device Safe ‘n’ Spray was rewarded under the category ‘excellence in pharma – drug delivery devices.’ This recognition was announced during the awards ceremony on October 13 on the digital platform of CphI Festival of Pharma.

Nemera is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of drug delivery devices for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and generics industries. Nemera always puts patients first, providing the most comprehensive range of devices in the industry, including off-the-shelf innovative systems, customized design development and GMP manufacturing of devices developed by our customers. Nemera’s services and products cover several key delivery routes: Ophthalmic, Nasal, Buccal, Auricular, Parenteral, Inhalation, Dermal and Transdermal.

Safe ’n’ Spray is the integrated device with reusable electronic locking unit and fingerprint identification, to monitor drug delivered and prevent overdosing. It is a sustainable solution which provides a unique opportunity to reuse the safe electronic part once the spray part with the drug is over.

Some key differentiators of the Safe ‘n’Spray concept device are reusable electronic locking unit for cost savings, fingerprint for patient ID and as a smart child resistant function, simple display (doses left, remaining time for the next dose, feedback in case of misuse) and relevant data available through e-Nemera cloud. More information about the device can be found here.


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