Savlife introduces range of Savlife mini sanitizing hydrator

Affordable hygienic & healthy living products

Savlife has launched a wide range of hygienic and healthy living products and solutions in India. Photo - PTI

Taking strides to bolster the importance of health and hygiene amid the ongoing global health crisis, Savlife has launched a wide range of hygienic and healthy living products and solutions in India. With its motto “Jaan Hai, Toh Jahaan Hai”, ‘Savlife’ unfolds around the central theme, “Your health is in your hands, so let’s take a step towards a Healthier You, a Healthier India”.

According to the press release, Savlife aims to provide hygienic and healthier living solutions to every Indian household. Among the full range of products on display at Savlife are hand and surface sanitizing devices, automatic sanitizer vending machines, sanitizing safety kits, oximeters, infrared thermometers and a bouquet of intelligent well-being devices like mosquito killer lamps, foot pedal sanitizer dispenser, smart led display bottle, intelligent sterilizer and more.

Savlife also understands the extent of general hygiene and cleanliness issues in the country and their impact on Indian households. It also incorporates its vision of a healthier India in its CSR activities, such as providing unprivileged children with a Free Sanitization Kit on every purchase made at their online store. They are also partnered with Ramagya Foundation to provide healthy food to the deprived regularly.

Utkarsh Gupta, founder, Savlife, said, “Considering that we are living through unprecedented times, it has become vital for every Indian to understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. At ‘Savlife’, our goal is to deliver sustainable solutions to them, besides spreading awareness about the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we aim to create innovative products that help Indians maintain their health at a pocket-friendly price.”

Especially in response to the emergence of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and to safeguard people against its rapid spread, Savlife has launched a range of Savlife mini sanitizing hydrator for use in homes, offices, hospitals, schools as well as in banks.

Arav Gupta, founder member, Savlife, added, “Mini sanitizing hydrator has received encouraging response with increasing number of customers displaying their liking for it. As Covid-19 is affecting the rich and the poor alike, we have launched this product at affordable price point so that everyone can afford it and we have already sold more than one lakh units of this one-of-its-kind product.”

The company states that Savlife mini sanitizing hydrator instantly sanitizes hands and all belongings like currency, keychains, and even cars anywhere and anytime. It can be refilled and recharged, and it comes with a portable USB cable.

In addition, Savlife also intends to educate every Indian about the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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