Aurobindo Pharma inaugurates Govt Junior College at Somalingapuram

Newly built college facility for boys and girls

Aurobindo Pharma
Aurobindo Pharma has inaugurated Govt Junior College at Somalingapuram a newly constructed building for boys and girls.

Aurobindo Pharma Foundation on 26 February 2022, launched a newly constructed Govt Junior College building at Somalingapuram village and panchayat, Merakamudidam Mandal, Vizianagaram district. The newly constructed college building consists of 12 classrooms that include a laboratory room beside a staff room, principal room, cycle shed, separate toilet blocks for girls, boys and staff, compound wall and other infrastructures like dual desks, chairs, chalkboards and wardrobes.

Aurobindo Pharma

K Nithyananda Reddy, vice chairman and managing director, Aurobindo Pharma, spoke at the inauguration “We are Aurobindo Pharma Foundation take immense joy to be able to be a part of establishing an institution for the higher education of the students in this region which will improve access to quality of education, and thereby improve the livelihood and employment opportunities. This new college will be of great help to those in need of quality education and proper infrastructure. We want to thank and want to express our gratitude to the govt of Andhra Pradesh for giving us this opportunity to construct the college and also for their support towards this betterment of the students in this village”.


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