MedVanta partners with Remission Medical optimizing healthcare

Representative image. photo MedVanta

MedVanta, one of the largest physician-owned musculoskeletal (MSK) platforms, recently announced a new strategic partnership with Remission Medical, a national virtual clinic specializing in rheumatology.

MedVanta is among the premier MSK platforms for providers, employers, and patients, integrating an extensive network with advanced digital solutions for convenient, cost-effective care that boosts workforce health and productivity. With the shift towards value-based care, MedVanta leverages its network and proven business model to optimize healthcare delivery. This approach enhances the patient experience and ensures convenient access to high-quality care while reducing costs.

Remission Medical is the largest national virtual clinic offering diagnosis and longitudinal care in Rheumatology, powered by video visits and a technology platform focused on escalation avoidance.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one in four U.S. adults suffers from a rheumatic condition, such as arthritis, which is often marked by joint pain and stiffness. With over 150 different rheumatic diseases, diagnosis and management can be complex and challenging.

“Prior authorizations are painful for rheumatologists, slow down care, and are circumscribed by the PBMs,” said Blake Wehman, founder and CEO of Remission Medical. “Our peer-to-peer provider network means we can review orders and reinvent the prior authorization experience, so Time to Treatment Initiation becomes days, not weeks or months. By partnering with MedVanta and drug manufacturers, we aim to disrupt the traditional black box supply chain.”

“This innovative partnership underscores MedVanta’s commitment to leveraging the most advanced technologies to elevate the patient experience, increase accessibility, and efficiently manage healthcare costs,” said Subir Jossan, MD, chief transformation officer at MedVanta. “Our collaboration dramatically shortens diagnosis and treatment timelines for rheumatology patients, helping them achieve and maintain remission.”

Remission Medical and MedVanta’s partnership will offer a vertically integrated stack of services treating everything from back pain to inflammatory arthritis. MedVanta’s comprehensive platform provides a streamlined experience for employers and payers, prioritizing enhanced patient care, improved access to treatment, and cost optimization.


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