Robopac’s part in the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine rollout

Ecoplat Plus used for packaging of vaccine doses

Robopac Ecoplat Plus

The Covid-19 vaccine produced by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has been approved by the FDA (the US’s Food and Drug Administration) and will be rolled out throughout the US to fight the pandemic. The news was announced by CBS News, the US radio and television broadcaster, as its breaking evening news, reporting that Pfizer and the government have agreed on the shipment of 3 million frozen doses to reach all areas of the country.

Enterprise in the end-of-line packaging sector and technology partner to Pfizer, Robopac will be guaranteeing the vaccine’s packaging and transport safety following its contribution to the development of ad hoc solutions for the packaging of pharmaceutical products made by the American giant.

The partnership between Robopac and Pfizer is based on a shared philosophy that focuses on collective interest from a global perspective, with a view to providing high-performing products that are human-centered and environmentally conscious.

In line with this approach, Ecoplat Plus is the solution adopted by Pfizer for packaging the vaccine doses due to be distributed in the US. It uses stretch film that is said to guarantee advanced performance, including protection of the goods due to its reliability, strength, and ease of use. Not only that, the Ecoplat Plus technology also keeps film consumption down while ensuring product safety, which means a lower impact of the raw material used.


People and the environment are intrinsically linked, and Robopac strives to protect this relationship through continuous investments in innovation and technology. Demonstrating this, four TechLabs set up around the world offer a unique way of conducting research, concentrating above all on reducing the impact of plastic, and have delivered results including 60% less consumption and full recyclability of materials.

Robopac claims to be committed to demonstrating its belief in its role as a global company that offers high-performance packaging solutions throughout the world. Its particular focus on the end-of-line equipment is backed by sensitivity to circular economy issues, resulting in a combination of technology, innovation, and sustainability.

At the same time, a widespread presence on international markets allows Robopac to fuel its research and development activities following a tailor-made approach that responds to the most specific needs of each market and each customer. An ever-growing focus on the environment is a core issue for the company.


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