Condot Systems at CPhi and P-Mec 2019


As the counterfeiting of medicines is a significant problem in India and the world, Condot Systems provides serialization and track and trace solutions for the pharma industry to enable manufacturers to trace their products right from the manufacturing unit to the end-user. The company offers both hardware and software track and trace solutions for safety, reliability, scalability, and monitoring of the complete process that as per the guidelines of the country’s regulatory body.

Established in 1994, Condot is a provider of marking and batch coding, variable data printing, transport systems, and vision systems solutions. “The major part of our business is coding and marking, and we recently started providing track and trace solutions for the pharma industry,” said Jigish Chiniwala, director, Condot Systems. 

New solution for Russia exports

With pharma compliances varying in most countries and regions, Condot designs its track and trace solutions keeping in mind national regulations. However, the hardware remains the same. At the CPhi and P-Mec 2019 exhibition at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida, the company launched its track and trace solution as per the Russian federation requirements of GS1 track and trace solution in compliance with the CRPT requirements.

“There are many Indian medicine manufacturers who export to Russia. We launched a new line of solutions specifically designed for Russia. Our production lines adhere to different country guidelines without any additional hardware,” Chiniwala explained. 

Condot track and trace solutions work for all types of pharma packaging, including strips, blisters, ampoules, pre-fills, bottles, vials, and sachets. These units are often further packed in secondary packaging. Condot tracking solutions can be applied to any kind of pharma packaging, irrespective of the levels of packaging. The track and trace solution is effective with semi-automatic, fully-automatic, or manual packaging lines. 

From coding and marking to track and trace

The company also displayed its range of UV curable inkjet inks for coding and marking of barcodes, expiry and manufacturing dates, batch numbers on plastic, and non-absorbent substrates aimed at both pharma and FMCG products. The inks can print on any porous and non-porous substrate like plastic. Direct printing of 2D barcodes on non-porous substrate was a challenge. The TIJ UV inks by Condot improve the traceability of products packaged in such substrates. It enables printing of up to 600 DPI for easy readability.

“We hold a 60-70% market share for coding and marking in India. We are new in the track and trace industry, but we are receiving good support from the market, which is aware of our products and our brand. Our machines have a reputation for being reliable and fast. They are a one-time investment and provide good ROI,” Chiniwala said. 

India is said to be the biggest exporter of generic medicines and accounts for 20% of the volume of global generic drugs exports, according to India Brand Equity Foundation. “India has around 7,000 registered pharma exporters. Naturally, the pharma industry here is more mature than in other countries. Moreover, the pharma business and industry are still growing, and despite the onset of the current recession, we are still doing well. Our business is not dependent on the Indian market alone,” Chiniwala said. 

The Mumbai based company has been participating in the CPhi and P-Mec exhibition for more than a decade. The footfall at its stand at the November 2019 show in Greater Noida, was described as excellent.


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