Covid-19 home test kits protected with active packaging

Aptar's Active Film use for home tests gets emergency use authorization from FDA

Aptar's Activ Film technology is used in over the counter or home test kits for Covid-19 Photo Aptar
Aptar's Activ Film technology is used in over the counter or home test kits for Covid-19 Photo Aptar
Aptar CSP Technologies, a longstanding AIPIA member which develops active packaging solutions (part of AptarGroup), has announced its Activ-Film technology is being used to protect two new ‘at home’ COVID-19 tests, both of which recently received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the USA’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The tests were developed by a leading manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare solutions and offer prescription and OTC (Over the Counter) COVID-19 testing in the home options, meaning there is no need to visit a doctor’s office or a special facility for a test.

The company’s Activ-Film technology is integrated into the dipstick of the diagnostic kits to protect against moisture and other environmental conditions that could otherwise impact test accuracy. Activ-Film™ incorporates Aptar’s proprietary 3-Phase Activ-Polymer platform technology, which provides a broad spectrum of customized solutions in a variety of configurations, such as Activ-Vial™ for housing diagnostics strips and dipsticks, and Activ-Tab™, which is integrated within diagnostic cassettes. 

This material science-based active packaging technology currently protects a range of lateral flow, molecular, and electrochemical diagnostic test kits on the market today, including Quidel® Corporation’s QuickVue® Influenza and COVID-19 tests.

“As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, this game-changing solution will help meet the urgent demand for COVID-19 testing in communities around the world,” said Badre Hammond, VP commercial operations, Aptar CSP Technologies. “We are committed to leveraging our material science expertise to enable our partners to meet the ongoing need for innovative healthcare solutions that help improve and save lives. This is another example of the value we bring to the market when sensitive diagnostic elements need protection.”

The company also announced that Activ-Film™ technology was approved by the FDA for use within a recently launched rechargeable Implantable Neurostimulator (INS) that treats urinary and bowel dysfunction. The material is integrated into the medical device to control humidity, improve the accuracy of readings, and extend use life.

Leveraging the company’s patented 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ platform technology it manages the device’s internal atmosphere, adsorbing moisture that could otherwise accumulate and affect the implant’s stability and performance. Controlling the humidity within the device protects the battery and enables it to have little to no degradation during its use life.

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