Glenmark reduces price of oral antiviral FabiFlu by 27 % to Rs 75 in India

Glenmark formulation R&D center based at Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Photo - Glenmark

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, a research-led, integrated global pharmaceutical company, has announced that it has commenced a Post Marketing Surveillance (PMS) study on FabiFlu to closely monitor the efficacy and safety of the drug in 1000 patients that are prescribed with the oral antiviral, as part of an open-label, multicenter, single-arm study.

Further, Glenmark has announced a price reduction of 27% for FabiFlu. The new MRP is Rs 75 per tab from the earlier Rs 103 per tab. The price reduction has been made possible through benefits gained from higher yields and better scale, as both the API and formulations are made at Glenmark’s facilities in India, the benefits of which are being passed on to patients in the country.

Glenmark has successfully developed the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and the formulation of FabiFlu through its in-house R & D team within the country, ensuring self-reliance with long-term production and manufacturing. The API is manufactured at the Gujarat production facility, which is USFDA & MHRA–UK approved. The formulation product is manufactured at the facility in Himachal Pradesh, which is also USFDA and MHRA-UK approved.

Commenting on these developments, Alok Malik, senior vice president, and head – India business, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, said, “We expect this post-marketing surveillance study to shed more light on the drug’s clinical effectiveness and safety in a large cohort of patients prescribed FabiFlu. Our priority from the start of this pandemic has been to offer patients in India an effective treatment for Covid-19, while also ensuring access to the masses. Our internal research shows us that we launched FabiFlu in India at the lowest market cost compared to the cost of Favipiravir in other countries where it is approved. And now we hope that this further price reduction will make it even more accessible for patients across the country.”

Despite investing significantly in R & D, clinical trials, and FabiFlu (API and formulations), Glenmark has managed to keep the pricing of FabiFlu lower compared to its price in other countries. FabiFlu in India was originally launched at Rs 103 per tab, while its price as Rs is higher in the remaining countries. (Rs 600 per tab in Russia, Rs 378 per tab in Japan, Rs 350 per tab in Bangladesh and Rs 215 per tab in China).

On 20 June, Glenmark announced that it received manufacturing and marketing approval from India’s drug regulator for FabiFlu, making it the first oral Favipiravir-approved medication in India for its treatment mild to moderate Covid-19. The manufacturing and marketing approval was granted as part of the accelerated approval process, considering the emergency of the Covid-19 outbreak in India. The approval’s restricted use entails responsible medication use where every patient must have signed informed consent before treatment initiation.

Most patients exhibiting mild to moderate symptoms can benefit from FabiFlu’s use. Glenmark has also completed the phase 3 clinical trial with Favipiravir (FabiFlu) in mild to moderate Covid-19 patients in India. The trial results will be available shortly.

Glenmark is also conducting another Phase 3 clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of two antivirals, Favipiravir and Umifenovir, as a combination therapy in moderate hospitalized adult Covid-19 patients in India. The combination study called the Faith trial is looking to enroll 158 hospitalized patients of moderate Covid-19 in India. Early treatment with combination therapy will be evaluated for safety and efficacy. It is emerging as an effective approach in shortening the duration of virus shedding, facilitating early clinical cure, and discharge of patients.


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