Kiefel wins Red Dot Award for HMI

Modular and smart visualized HMI for Kiefel packaging machines

Red Dot Award
Kiefel receives Red Dot Award for 'Best Interface Design' 2020. Photo - Kiefel

Kiefel receives the Red Dot Award for “Modular and smart visualized HMI for Kiefel Packaging machines” in the category Brands and Communication Design 2020. On top, the HMI (Human Machine Interface HMI) was even rewarded with the “Red Dot – Best of the Best”.

The Red Dot Award is an internationally well-known badge for high-quality composition and design. The “Red Dot – Best of the Best” is an award for outstanding design. Seventy-six projects – a tiny fraction of the 6,992 contributions in 2020 – have been awarded the “Red Dot – Best of the Best”. The Red Dot Awards committee chose the best contributions under this year’s slogan “In search of good design and creativity”. The selection was based on three distinct evaluation guideline categories – Originality & Creativity, Design Quality & Innovation, and Comprehensibility & Emotional Significance.

Kiefel team

With this award, the committee recognizes the ingenuity and creativity of Kiefel and its strong team. The HMI was first presented at the K Show 2019 in cooperation with CaderaDesign, an industrial and user-interface-design specialist.

Kiefel’s machine-visualization HMI

Unlike any other system, the Kiefel designed machine-visualization HMI claims to simplify even the complex machine-data, offering an appealing, well-structured, and user-friendly interface. According to the company, the intelligent HMI – on a panel directly attached to the machine itself – displays the status of the whole system and its current processes. This includes the forming process with clear diagrams and animations, which reduce the initial training time drastically. Illustrations and animations make the complex thermoforming adjustment process much more intuitive.

The new and intuitive Kiefel-HMI

A predefined system of colors and shapes helps with input and monitoring of machine parameters and troubleshooting. Results are immediately visible and verifiable. Adjusters are additionally supported by bottlenecks’ visual representation and are notified which machine parts can be optimized.

Kiefel owns the Dutch thermoform toolmaker Kiefel Packaging BV and the Austrian company Kiefel Packaging GmbH, a supplier of tools and automation solutions. Kiefel GmbH develops and produces high quality machines for processing plastics, bio-based materials and natural fibers. Its customers include well-known manufacturers from the automotive, medical engineering, refrigerator and packaging industries. Kiefel has a global presence with its sales and service branches in the USA, France, the Netherlands, Russia, China, Brazil, Indonesia and India, and its sales partners in more than 60 countries.


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