Scientific & technological interventions by CSIR-CMERI combating Covid-19

Jigyasa program

Jigyasa program
Webinar on Scientific & Technological Interventions by CSIR-CMERI combating COVID-19 under Jigyasa program

Harish Hirani, director, CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur, addressed a webinar, hosted by CSIR-CMERI Durgapur in association with Samagra Siksha, Department of School Education, Jammu & Kashmir on 8 September on scientific and technological Interventions by CSIR-CMERI combating Covid-19 as a part of the ‘Jigyasa’ program. More than 3,500 participants attended the webinar.

Addressing the webinar Hirani, said, “Science is the key to progress for socio-economic development and as the present pandemic has posed a challenge to combat it in a united spirit, we must also have a common goal, shared vision and direct link between science and society to harness better results in whatever solution we expect from science. “ He highlighted the need for effective local-level administration to provide an efficient result at global standards.

Hirani highlighted the importance of such ‘Jigyasa’ programs for the students and stated that CSIR-CMERI is contributing in this direction through providing skill development opportunities to the students starting from school level that is higher secondary, ITI, diploma, undergraduate level and help them imbibe a scientific temper and entrepreneurship mindset. He said that the present crisis of the pandemic COVID-19 is expected to continue for a more extended period. In this regard, he signified the importance of science, which can do anything comparing science with magic.

Hirani emphasized the technological interventions and solutions developed by CSIR-CMERI, such as face masks, essential liquid soap, hand sanitizers, sprayers, and ventilators. Its contributions in containing the spread of the pandemic and providing employment opportunities to many households. He also emphasized the requirement of clean water, clean air, and the environment with proper waste management systems, together with the need for an improved immune system to fight the coronavirus and even in the post Covid era.

Asgar Samoon, IAS, principal secretary, School Education, Technical Education & Skill Development, Jammu & Kashmir, while addressing the participants, discussed in detail the proposed education policy and the previous policies of the Government. He underlined the contributions of CSIR Labs throughout the country and particularly in Jammu & Kashmir, in creating higher scientific and technical outputs and providing the youngsters an opportunity in their S&T pursuits. He also suggested coming forward further so that our country can compete with the developed nations.

During the webinar, Anjali Chatterjee, chief scientist, CSIR-CMERI presented in detail about the Covid Protection System (COPS) for workplace & hospitals like solar based IntelliMAST, Touchless Faucet, 360 degrees Car Flusher, Dry Fogging Shoe Disinfector and Hospital Care Assistive Robotic Device (HCARD) developed by CSIR-CMERI.

Himadri Roy, the principal scientist, discussed the importance of masks and sanitizers as 1st level of defense in Covid-19. Avinash Yadav, senior scientist, presented in detail the disinfection units developed by the institute for workplace, schools, hospitals & roads like hydraulic and pneumatic variants of disinfection walkway, road sanitizer unit, pneumatically operated mobile indoor disinfection (pomid) unit, battery-powered disinfectant sprayer (BPDS).

Nasir ul Rasheed, senior scientist, presented the versions of Touch free Soap-cum-Water Dispensing Systems developed by the Institute. Sanjay Hansdah, scientist, made an in-depth presentation on ventilators developed by CSIR-CMERI as a life-supporting system in Covid-19.


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