Schott delivers vials to provide more than 1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines

Schott's Gujarat-based facility plays a significant role in making vials

The vials were delivered to projects around the world

Global specialty glass leader and pharmaceutical packaging supplier Schott has delivered vials to provide more than 1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines. It remains well on track to deliver vials for more than 2 billion vaccine doses through 2021.

The vials were delivered to projects worldwide, focusing on the US, Europe, and Asia. Approximately 90% of approved vaccines rely on Schott vials.

SCHOTT reaches COVID-19 milestone: Vials for 1 billion vaccine doses delivered. Image credits: SCHOTT

“The reaction of the pharmaceutical community to COVID-19 is a testament to the power of scientific progress,” said Frank Heinricht, CEO of Germany headquartered at Schott AG. “In just under a year, all previous records for vaccine development have been shattered by not just one, but several research groups. The entire industry is successfully working together to ensure an adequate supply. We’re also working with our government partners to evaluate ways to improve the supply chain and expand production capacity.”

Schott’s plant being the best in manufacturing borosilicate glass container 

Schott is one of the world’s leading producers of pharmaceutical containers made from borosilicate glass, the most proven and most widely available material used to store and deliver vaccines and other sensitive medications. The company’s global manufacturing footprint includes five sites dedicated to manufacturing type-1 borosilicate glass tubes and another 16 plants converting the tubes into vials.

In Jambusar, Gujarat, Schott’s plant is one of the five flagship pharmaceutical tubing production sites responsible for catering to India and Asia’s vast demand. Owing to the soaring demand for quality glass packaging products, the company expanded its local tubing production capacity by 20,000 tons within one year. It translates into enough glass for over 3 billion vials. It also has a 50-50 Joint venture in India by the name of Schott-Kaisha, who is a market leader for manufacturing and supplying pharmaceutical packaging products in India.

“This past year, we have together witnessed the global pharmaceutical industry’s resilience and dedication to fight the novel Coronavirus,” said Pawan Kumar Shukla, president of Schott Glass India. “We are proud to be a part of this fight from India, as a leading contributor of quality glass to ensure successful and safe administration of the Covid- 19 vaccines. Despite the challenges faced, our India plant has operated in full capacity within strict safety guidelines while supporting our global clients and growing workforce.”

The company’s multi-year supports the success of the COVID-19 response, $1 billion global investment in pharmaceutical glass and packaging facilities announced early 2019 in response to rising worldwide demand for safer drug packaging. Despite the pandemic, all expansion projects are on track.



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