ACG to host webinar on safety of ultra-high barrier films

Learn about ultra-high barrier films and their finer details

ACG to host webinar on safety of ultra-high barrier films

The demand for highly protective packaging solutions has fueled the development and manufacturing of ultra-high barrier packaging films, which are becoming increasingly popular across the pharmaceutical industry. It’s a familiar scenario where, as an added measure of product safety, we tend to select ultra-high barrier films, which are either more than necessary or too expensive. Understanding ultra-high barrier film properties in-depth can help choose a barrier film that is just right, and affordable.

ACG is conducting a webinar on ‘Are ultra-high barrier films ultra-safe? An analytical perspective’ on 12 August 2021 at 1730 hrs IST. Pranav Hiraskar, new product initiatives will take the attendees through the barrier properties, one by one.

The webinar will help attendees to understand the moisture and oxygen efficacy of high-barrier films; to learn the laminate structures and their impact on product performance and to know the best thermoforming practices for ultimate protection.

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