Health Analytics Asia to inaugurate data hub Kruxd tomorrow

Virtual launch event for Kruxd

Virtual online event for launch of Kruxd

Health Analytics Asia is unveiling Kruxd, the world’s health data hub, in a virtual launch event on 10 August 2021 from 1400-1500 hrs IST.

The aim of Kruxd is to make global health data easily accessible for one and all. After all, why should anyone have to jump through hoops to get facts and figures that can save lives, help design better policies, and make sound data-based decisions?

Kruxd claims to make the process simple. Anyone can now get access to the latest, most comprehensive health datasets across verticals and geographies at the click of a button. What’s more, these are available in easy-to-comprehend formats featuring charts, maps, and interactive visualizations.

Given the pandemic situation, Kruxd is going live through a virtual launch event.

Click here to register for the virtual launch event.

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